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Driving Conversions With Copy

I'm the co-founder of Brand and Bloom Co and we have a ton of free resources and paid courses to help you DIY your branding and design. This is an excerpt from one of our newest courses.

The biggest secret to writing great copy is in the intention behind your post, and making sure you lead with the right things.

You could take a creative writing class, or a journalism class, or develop your persuasive writing. But ultimately, when writing copy for your own brand and business, no amount of technical perfection is going to win the hearts of your audience. Your personality needs to show through in everything you write. That's the #1 key. And after that, you want to make sure your writing is structured in such a way that it tells a story that paints a clear picture for your audience.

In other words, what do you really want them to know? What is the purpose for writing that post, that email, that page for your website?

First, you have to define the purpose and intention for whatever that specific piece of content is.

A great way to map out the piece before you write is to use an outline. Start by titling the page with the name and purpose of the piece. Something like Website About Page: to share what I do and why it matters.

That's going to be the theme of your storyline for this piece.

Then, name a few major takeaways that are relevant to that story. Create bullet points for each of them.

These are probably going to be things that relate closely to some of your brand’s main mission and messaging. You may want to touch on one of the key things about your brand that makes you different. (In general, a lot of your content should relate to the things that make you different, because it's going to intrigue people and really help show them the best of who you are and what you bring to the table.)

Under each bullet point, list some details that you want to be sure to include.

Rearrange the order of your bullet points if you need to. Put the pieces together in a way that makes sense if you're telling a story with a beginning, a middle, and an end.

Keep it simple. Decide what your 3-5 main desired actions are. Do you want them to sign up on your email list? Book you for services? Make those things easy to find, and display them prominently. A few intentional directions are much easier to navigate than 20 random links all over the place.

The outline idea works with anything you're writing, especially if you're writing it in order to position yourself or establish and promote your brand’s core messaging. That includes things like emails to nurture your list and pages on your website that are meant to give info about your brand.

Don't overlook the bio sections on your social media profiles either! Make it easy for people to figure out what you do and why it matters. It's always amazing how many online entrepreneurs say they want to build a brand online, but click over to their profiles and it's not clear at all what they even do. It takes just a few minutes to create a thoughtful bit about yourself to share on your profiles. It should be clear and easy for anyone to understand on the very first glance!

The point of all of this is to help create an experience for your audience. Make it easy for them to find and connect with you. Make it easy for them to understand why they might want to hire you. Lead them through the process of liking and trusting you. Help them make the connection to your brand. Use your words to help support the stories you want them to hear from you.

Always lead with value, and position your audience as the center of your content. Even when it’s about you, it’s really about them.

Want to learn more? Join our Your Brand Copy Gameplan Course today!


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