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Every day is a choice.

Transformation Tuesday! Here I am last week looking at David and the bottom photo was at the Louvre when I was in college. GUESS WHAT... I GAINED WEIGHT!!! ... Wait what? Yes, since college days (bottom photo) I have lost weight after gaining 60lbs but that is not my whole journey.

When I started high school I got obsessed with the scale. I was 110lbs at my lightest weight. For reference I'm 5'8". I would constantly have sinus infections, the flu, terrible allergies and the list goes on. I would either fast or eat Taco Bell and drink Mountain Dew while doing hours of cardio daily. Fast forward a few years. I gained 60lbs and have since lost 25lbs. Today I weigh around 155 lbs. I eat close to 1,800 calories a day, paleo, no dairy and do only 30 mins of cardio with strength training.

Are all days easy peasy? No. Some days my mind says ooooh remember when you were 115lbs? Let's do that again! No food today! And then others, my mind is like ooooh 170 lbs wasn't so bad.. Let's eat ALL the cheese-less pizza and a Twix for good measure.

EVERY day is a choice to keep my health a priority. I hope and pray you make that same choice too. Having a support system and accountability is motivation. Email me if you want to talk. 💕💌