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Gifts for bae


I know what you’re thinking. “How did it get to be mid-December already?” The holidays totally snuck up on me too!

To help you out, I’ve compiled 12 gifts for your favorite people. Scroll through the list and you’ll find everything from stocking stuffers to splurges. What's number one on your list? Comment below!

jawbone up3

photo: Jawbone

1. Jawbone UP3

This won’t be here in time for Christmas BUT you can preorder this for your fitness obsessed loved one (AKA me). The Jawbone UP3 has a heart monitor that links to their user-friendly app. This exceptional fitness tracker uses a bioimpedance sensor, which measures resistance of tissue and blood flow from your wrist to track your resting heart rate. It automatically captures it in the morning right after waking up. You won’t even have to remember with your morning rush to get ready. I’m most excited about the Smart Alarm™. It identifies the best time to wake you up in your sleep cycle and vibrates within the 30-minute window of time you set. Anyone else hate your alarm? I feel like this will make me not as cranky when I wake up in the morning! I know this is number one on my list!

MSRP: $179.99


photo: Ulta

2. Dry Shampoo

It’s not healthy to wash your hair everyday. Dry Shampoo has been in my hair arsenal for years and helps me go 3-4 days in between washes. It’s also great after a workout. It soaks up oil (and sweat), and will leave your hair looking good if you only have time for a two-minute shower! My favorite brands are batiste and Psssssst.

MSRP: $7.99

grumpy mug

photo: Think Geek

3. New Favorite Mug

For those of you drinking your morning caffeine out of a Styrofoam cup… STOP! It’s bad for the environment and how will everyone know how you’re feeling before your cup of joe? Think Geek carries a range of fun mugs, whether you’re buying for a sci-fi nerd or grumpy cat fanatic.

MSRP: Varies


photo: Fabletics

4. A Fabletics outfit!!

Perfect for the fit girl in your life. Cute, comfy, high quality workout or lounge wear in outfits that are already put together for you. Get your first full outfit for only $25 if you use my link below.

MSRP:Varies, first outfit $25


photo: Moleskine

5. Moleskine Journal

Whether they contain notes for a novel, inspiring ideas, or grocery lists, I have a few of these laying around our apartment. Hubby and I recently splurged for a pack of them and it will be hard to go back to spiral bound notebooks. Their slim design makes them easy to stow in a handbag.

MSRP: $9.95-20.95, also available at Target

on the run

photo: Ulta

6. Urban Decay Naked on the Run palette

Any makeup lover on your list will love this gift set. It’s a vegan, limited-edition palette containing six new eyeshadow shades, bronzer, blush lip gloss and 24/7 glide-on eye pencils and a travel-size mascara. I love Urban Decay because they don’t use beeswax or honey! I am always reading ingredients at Ulta and Sephora because of my allergy but I know every vegan makeup product in both stores now! This is perfect for someone just getting started with makeup since it has a little bit of everything.

MSRP: $54

e tip gloves

photo: Nordstrom

7. The North Face 'eTip' Gloves

Tech-friendly gloves have come a long way in the last few years. These are the perfect cold weather gift to give to your favorite beau.

MSRP: $45


8. 21 Day Fix

Help your loved one reach their goals with one of my favorite programs - the 21 Day Fix. This program includes a simple portion control meal plan, workouts and my beloved Shakeology. PLUS they get me as their coach to help them every step of the way.

MSRP: $160



9. Vegetable Spiralizer

Aside from taste and texture, there’s no reason to eat conventional pasta anymore as most are overly processed. A Spiralizer is capable of turning much healthier vegetables into the healthiest pasta you can eat. Great for a paleo lifestyle!

MSRP: $41.99


photo: Modcloth

10. Turntable

For the music lover or hipster in your life, this gift will make any living room into a dance floor.

MSRP: $109.99



11. iTunes Gift Card

Everyone loves music, but there’s no accounting for taste. Should that workout playlist feature Taylor Swift, Jay Z, or some EDM? Keep it simple. Let them choose their own jams with an iTunes gift card.

MSRP: $25 and up

cooking class


12. Cooking Classes

Sometimes we all need a little help getting started. Taking a cooking class—either a general one that teaches the basics or one that specializes in a particular cuisine or technique—can be a fun way to overcome a fear of the kitchen or improve certain skills! Check your local Groupon, Sur La Table, and cooking schools to see what’s available in your area.

MSRP: Varies

Happy Hanukkah &

Merry Christmas!

Keeping it real,


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