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No Pants November

You’ve all heard of No Shave November without a doubt, but have you heard of No Pants November?

I’m challenging myself for the month of November to wear only skirts or dresses. I started participating in No Pants November the year I moved to Chicago. So, if it’s not already enough of a challenge, I don’t have a car and my main mode of transportation is my feet.


At home I've been trying to stick to no pants also. Yoga shorts, huge sweater and almond butter are all you need sometimes.

Here are my challenge rules:

  • Dress for yourself! Don’t care what other people say. Ignore the looks. This is especially important around the end of November, people may look at you like you’re crazy. Keep on baring those legs!

  • Repeat outfits are fine! I’m not going to force myself to buy more clothes for one month. Most people discourage repeats, but switching up accessories or tights can give you a fresh look.

  • Yoga pants and Leggings are OKAY in my book! I live in cold, windy Chicago and sometimes I need an extra layer of protection! Also, I’m going to a Beachbody fitness convention this week and I prefer to work out in yoga pants versus shorts.

  • Every time I leave the house it must be sans pants! To clarify this means leaving my apartment building. I can do laundry in my hubby’s sweats because that’s usually all that is clean!

  • This is for the WHOLE month of November. If you want to join, feel free to join now. You can follow my posts at #nopantsnovember on Twitter and Instagram.


So, why do I do this? Scout Dry Goods in Omaha started this challenge on Instagram in 2012. In all honesty, I needed something to keep me occupied. I had just moved to Chicago, didn’t have a job, didn’t know anyone and had a TON of free time. I wasn’t a very happy person and the sense of community on Instagram made this month go by a little better. It was fun to see how many outfit combinations I could come up with and I got to see my closet in a new way for autumn! The best part was that I got a boost of self-confidence for dressing up everyday.

Pro Tip: tights, leggings under dresses and Sam Edelman Penny boots will make a huge difference in comfort and warmth.

I’d love to see your No Pants November outfits! Just use the #nopantsnovember. Don’t worry if you miss a day or don’t start at the beginning of the month! No pants are the best pants!

Keeping it real,


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